Sector: Agriculture, Farming, etc

Contract Type: Deferred Sale

Raised Amount

$ 190.00

Req. Amount

$ 190.00



Bathurnisha bridges the gap in her family financials by selling milk from her two cows. She earns LKR 7,000 (USD 50) per month by milking the cows and selling the produce in her locality. She sells approximately five bottles of milk per day. She is determined to increase her income by acquiring another cow to improve her living condition. Hence she is looking for an loan and is confident that she can repay it within a year.

Additional Info

Mohamed Abdul Kuthus Bathurnisha, 21 year old married woman lives with her husband who is a daily wage worker and their little daughter who is in the early stages of schooling. They reside in a house equipped with only basic facilities in Kawathamunai, a rural village in Batticaloa district, East coast of Sri Lanka. The combined income of Bathurnisha’s family is hardly sufficient for their daily household and their child’s educational expenses. Bathurinasha is hoping a loan will help her improve her living conditions by enabling her to expand her cattle business.