Our Vision: A world in which everyone has the means to be self-sufficient

Today, 3.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day. By promoting ethical, interest-free microfinance, we hope everyone will have the opportunity to become self-sufficient.

Our Mission: Connecting people to provide those in need with ethical financial support

“Hiba” in Arabic means “gift” or “seed,” depending on how it is spelled. Through Hiba.org, you provide the gift of a seed to those who are striving towards self-sufficiency.


Hisham Mabrook
Co-Founder & Executive Director.

Hisham works in corporate strategy for EMC, a Fortune 200 technology company. Prior to that, he worked for OC&C Strategy Consultants and Deutsche Bank’s Islamic finance practice. Hisham completed his studies at Harvard and lives in Boston.

Tanvir Uddin
Co-Founder & Director, Global Portfolio

Tanvir works for McKinsey & Company, and has previously worked for Asian Development Bank, Muslims Without Borders, and Muslim Aid in Bangladesh, Pakistan, & Sri Lanka. Tanvir completed his studies at the University of New South Wales and lives in Australia.

Zeynep Coskun
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Zeynep is a Master’s candidate in Development Economics at Cambridge University. She completed her undergraduate studies at Williams College. She has worked for the Turkish Grameen Microfinance Project and lives between Turkey and England.

Usman Hassan
Director, Operations

Usman works for Sio Capital Management. Previously, Usman has worked for Oliver Wyman Consulting and Kiva. Usman completed his studies at Wharton and lives in New York.

Ziyard Razick
Director, Technology

Ziyard works for MBF as a Manager of IT & Programming. Previously he has worked for IBM and Capital Maharaja Organization in Sri Lanka. Ziyard completed his studies at University of Ireland. He lives in New York.

Fahim Zaman
Director, Marketing

Fahim works for LiveRamp, a marketing-focused startup, in Silicon Valley. Prior to that, he worked in Bangladesh for a nonprofit called mPower. Fahim completed his studies at Harvard and lives in Berkeley.

Hassaan Yousuf
Director, Supporter Community

Hassaan works in Finance for Procter & Gamble. Prior to that, he worked for Monitor Group and in infrastructure development in Pakistan. Hassaan completed his studies at Harvard and lives in Saudi Arabia.

Advisory Board

Dr. Akgul Aziz

Dr. Aziz is a former Member of Parliament in Turkey, a lecturer at Istanbul University, and the pioneer of Islamic microfinance in Turkey. He was also visiting faculty at the US Naval Postgraduate School.

Stuart Sundlun

Stuart is a principal at the Dignity Fund, a microfinance fund, and a manager director of BMB Capital, a Brunei-headquartered hedge fund. He is a Harvard College, Harvard Kennedy School, and Columbia Business School graduate.


Masood Razzaq

Masood is the founder of Goodgate.org, a website dedicated to finding good causes in the Muslim world. Prior to that, Masood served at Microsoft, NDB Sana, McKinsey, and AT Kearney. He is a Harvard College and Harvard Business School graduate.

Naushard Cader

Naushard works for PwC’s financial services risk and regulatory advisory practice, with experience in Dodd Frank, BSA / AML, and OFAC. He is a chartered accountant and a Harvard Kennedy School graduate.


Ethics Board

Hiba.org's ethics board reviews Hiba.org's operations to ensure highest standards of ethics, transparency, and honesty.

Taha Abdulbasser

Taha Abdulbasser


Taha Abdul-Basser is an independent scholar of Islamic ethics and law who acts as a Shariah compliance consultant to investment funds, investment banks, retail banks, financial advisories, and legal advisors.


He received his A.B. & Master's from Harvard and an ABD from the university. In addition to his father, he has studied with teachers from Sudan, Yemen, Tanzania and Bahrain. He has traditional licenses (ijazat) from several teachers, including Shaykh Nizam Ya`quby.

Taha Abdulbasser

Faraz Rabbani


Faraz Rabbani is a specialist in Islamic law & founder of SeekersGuidance. He has two published books: Sufism & Good Character and Absolute Essentials of Islam.


He received his Bachelor's from University of Toronto, and has studied in Damascus, Amman, and Karachi under leading scholars, including Shaykh Adib Kallas, Shaykh Hassan al-Hindi, Shaykh Muhammad Jumuah, Shaykh Akram Abd al-Wahhab, Shaykh Nuh Keller, and Mufti Mahmud Ashraf Usmani. 

Moustafa Kassem


Moustafa Kassem is a professor of Islamic studies in the Executive Islamic Finance Masters Degree Program at Effat University (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), where he teaches courses in Islamic financial ethics (fiqh al-mu`amalat), business ethics and research methods. He has conducted research and published on the practice of ifta' (issuing ethico-legal position statement) in the era of globalization and is an editorial consultant for AlBaseerah.org.


Our Field Partners

MASL is a registered non-profit in Sri Lanka and follows Muslim Aid UK's guidance on operations and reporting. MASL has ~2,000 borrowers with 40M LKR (~300K USD) in outstanding funding at an average of 25-30K LKR (~200 USD) per person. The repayment rate is 99% (90% on time). Borrowers are located in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka, which saw the brunt of the 30 year civil war. The borrowers are roughly 60% Muslim and 40% Tamil, and their businesses include farming, shopkeeping, tailoring and brick-making among others. In addition to funding, MASL provides training and mentoring support to borrowers. MASL also mandates Takaful microinsurance for borrowers, which costs 1,685 LKR (~$13 USD) per annum, to protect them from the deaths of households heads and the emergency medical needs of any family member. MASL also runs a Zakat-based program to elevate the “ultra poor” to start businesses and graduate them into microfinance and currently has had ~70% success rate. MASL is a signatory of the Code of Conduct (CoC) of the Sri Lankan Microfinance Industry 

TGMP was founded in July 2003 in partnership with the Grameen Trust. It is the second nonprofit to offer microfinance in Turkey and operate entirely using Islamic finance principles. From 2003-2012, TGMP disbursed 165M TL (~90M USD). They operate primarily in the higher-poverty regions of Southern and Eastern Turkey. TGMP also has a microinsurance program which costs 12 TL (~7 USD) which pays 10,000 TL (~7,000 USD) in case of death, injuries due to accidents, natural disasters, etc. TGMP is a Grameen-Jameel partner. 


Dr. Akgul Aziz, the founder of TGMP, sits on Hiba.org's board of advisors, and offering profiles from Turkey is our next priority coming out of private beta. 

Endorsements & Press

Institutional endorsements from:

  • Muslim Aid
  • Goodgate
  • United Muslim Relief

Endorsement from Muslim scholars:

  • Taha Abdulbasser
  • Faraz Rabbani